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Solution:You can be an entrepreneur, musician, artist, writer, or your everyday Joe/Jane and if you want to connect with the rest of the world and share what you have to offer you need an online presence! A website is a 24 hour gateway to your products, talent, and ideas. It is so crucial to have a website for your business these days. A business without a website is not percieved as a professional and reliable choice by potential consumers. Blue Dahlia Designs can offer you design solutions whether you are in need of a simple static 3 page website or a more dynamic and constantly evolving website. Please visit the Services page to view what Website Design services Blue Dahlia Designs can offer you. Click Here


Web Development Solution

Scenerio: You have an eye and talent for design, but don't have any experience with code and putting together a website. All those ideas and no way to bring them to life !

Solution: Let Blue Dahlia Designs help you bring your creative ideas to life. After discussing your ideas and recieveing your designs, your website can be built according to your design prints and turn into a functioning website within a short amount of time. Flash files can also be created if you are in need of animating or adding a bit of dynamic movement to your drawings and artwork.Please visit the Services page to view what Web Development services Blue Dahlia Designs can offer you. Click Here


S.E.O. Solution

Scenerio: You have a website and you're excited to bring attention to your new online domain. A few weeks go by and you start to notice that not many people are finding their way to your website. Another few months have gone by and you realize that not much has changed as far as the number of visitors to your site since you first went live with your website. You do a search for your website on a popular search engine like Google and you find your website on page 17 ! No wonder no one has found you yet....

Solution: Search Engine Optimization has become a crucial tool for website presence. There are two ways to increase your likelyhood of showing up on the first page of a p[opular search engine like Google, Yahoo Search, or MSN. You can either pay a fee for a spot at the top of a search engine using a system called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or you can Optimize your website well enough to show up on the first page in the Organic Section. The organic section refers to all the search results directly below the paid results.

For instance, when doing a search on Google you will see a section with a light blue background near the top and listing going down the right side of the page called "sponsored links". These are paid for results and believe me you can end up paying hundreds of dollars a month for those spots because you pay Google each time someone clicks on your link. The amount per click is determined by how popular and commonly used your selected keywords are.

The listing that appears below the section with the blue background is the Organic section. These websites have shown up first because their sites are well optimized with specific keywords, meta tags, and strategic wording on their website pages. The benefit of this option is that you only pay a one time fee and a minimal monthly fee if you desire to stay aggressive with your site optimization to ensure your chances on appearing on the first couple pages of a search. Please visit the Services page to view what S.E.O. services Blue Dahlia Designs can offer you. Click Here




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