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There are several different paths to take when attaining the perfect website for your business. We are thankful that you are taking the time to review our services. Below you will find different selections, each offering you a proffesional and attractive final product.


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Whether you are in need of your first website or a business in need of revamping your current site to keep up with your evolving industry, Blue Dahlia Designs is able to create a professional and very attractive website specific to your needs and goals.

The process starts with a free consultaion in order to discuss your website ideas. Research is then carried out to view trends and competition within your specific industry. Once an initial concept design is chosen, you are able to be part of the process by viewing the website as it is built live! A temperary web address is assigned to your website so that you can observe and supervise the creation of your site.

The finished site is fully tested to ensure peak functionality. Final fixes or revisions are then done. After your give your final approval, the website is moved from the staging server to it's permanent home.


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Search Engine Optimization is key to the success of your website. If you are not able to dish out a wealth of money each month to purchase a spot at the top of the popular search engines, then S.E.O. is a must to ensure a high ranking for consumers searching the web.

After discussing and determining what keywords and phrases best describe your business, site content is then altered (without affecting the layout and design of the site) to include such material. Meta tags and page titles will also be updated to reflect the words we believe will achieve the highest results.

You will then be registered with todays top search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Hot Bot. Site optimization takes time, an average of  8-12 months.




Photography is an ever changing and never ending possability to capture the truth in a moment.

When it comes to websites, a great picture can mean the difference between a professional feel and an amature and mass produced feel. Why settle for pictures that anyone can purchase and use on their site? By having original pictures taken for your website, you are setting yourself up for a successful and one of a kind look and feel for your website.

If photos are needed for other projects or venues, Blue Dahlia Photography can also offer you the style and originality that you are looking for. With a wide range of creativity behind every shot, there is little room for doubt that your needs will be met and your moment captured forever through our lens.

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Due to the fast paced nature of busniess it is important that your website reflects a fresh and up-to-date image of your company. Unfortunately, because of how busy daily oporations can become, many website become neglected and do not recieve the attention they need.

By allowing Blue Dahlia Designs to manage your website you can rest easy knowing that your website is recieving the attention it needs to provide your visitors with up to speed information about your business.

Here are some ways to use our website management and maintainence:

  • Keep your site updated with the latest information
  • Make seasonal changes to keep your content fresh
  • Offer special online-only coupons or discounts to encourage more website traffic
  • Keep your clients informed of the most current news
  • Change or update new product or service information
  • Change out photos and keep online galleries fresh



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  • Flash Animations
  • Email Marketing
    Email Newsletters
  • Flash Animated Banner Ads
  • Brochures, Pamplets, Posters, and Flyers
  • Catalogues
  • Post Cards
  • Corporate Invitations and Holiday Cards
  • Print Advertisements
  • Banners



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People do not remember catch phrases or well thought out wording as well as they do images and well designed company logos.

This is where the branding proccess begins, with your logo. After listening to your ideas and reaserching your industry and competiton, a logo concept design is created. Once a design is chosen, we can then integrate the design into your printed materials and electronic media.

A business card is one of the most essential tools for a business or entrepreneur to use and create a strong impression.  After a design is chosen for your busniess card we then move to other materials needed for daily use such as envelopes, letterheads, forms, brochures, flyers, etc.


Five Reasons to have a Website

  1. You have more credibility by having
     an Internet presence in today's age.

  2. Customers have access to your
      website 24/7.

  3. Marketing on the Internet is much
      more cost effective than traditional
      marketing methods.

  4. A website increases the geographic
      range of your business.

  5. A website conveniences your


Photos can make or break any
project. Don't get stuck with the
same pictures that everyone else
can use.

Your project is original....
Your photos should be too.


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